Deadline for next-day orders is 5pm. If you miss our deadline – not to worry!

Start a chat below and someone from our staff will do their best to assist you.

For all custom orders, including gift baskets, cheese gifting options or cheese & charcuterie trays – please start a chat below.

Add Delivery – $27


Your favourite Market right to your door!

Add delivery costs to an Order already placed and need to be delivered outside of outside the Calgary Municipal Ward Boundaries (* – this is only for Orders that have already been placed but need additional Delivery Charges added.

For Subscriptions: Select the quantity of deliveries below to cover the amount of months the subscription needs delivery for (example: 6 Month Cheese of the Month Subscription would require 6 Delivery Charges below to be delivered all 6 months).

If you need assistance with adding delivery or have questions about how to do this please call us at (403) 269-2381 Ext 1.

Once you have selected the amount of delivery charges you need to add click “ADD TO CART” and then head to “CHECKOUT” to pay for it.

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