Valentine’s Day by Bridgeland Market

Not even cupid does it this good

Pre-order Valentine’s Dinner (don’t forget to add oysters and cheese) and choose the perfect flower and sweets combo!

Romantic Eats


If food is the way to the the heart then this is a great way to get there!


ORDERS CLOSED for Oysters, Full Course Meals, and a pizza kit for two.


Order a Valentine’s Day Cheese Tray for 2 before February 12th @ 3pm


Just add candles & music.

Flowers & Sweets

Say “I love you” with gorgeous hand-crafted floral arrangements in one of our three romantic palettes inspired by masters of the “Love Song”  – The Taylor, The Adele & The Dolly. We also have The Axl – classic dozen roses (quantities limited).

Last but not least – check out our Bloom Box – Love Songs Mix Tape for a more custom flower option. Come complete with a playlist!

Pull it all together with candy, chocolates and a card!

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